Monday, February 18, 2008

Large Brass Ensemble Listening

Today, we heard the following recordings of large brass ensembles:

British Music for Brass by the Phillip Jones Brass Ensemble with Howard Snell. More recordings by PJBE here.

We heard the Malcolm Arnold Symphony for Brass.

Brass Festival by the Scandanavian Brass Ensemble. We heard Vagn Holmboe Concerto for Brass Op. 157

Art mentioned the Finnish Music Information Centre which is a a great resource to obtain free music by Finnish composers.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Russian Brass Quintet Music

On Wednesday, we heard most of this recording made by the Montanus Brass Quintet. It contains some numerous significant works for brass quintet by Russian composers, as well as a few transcriptions that work well for quintet.

Hear the CD (allow pop-up for player) or here (hold mouse over notes icon until icon spins)

Here is the track-listing to help you with your research on these composers, works and arrangers:

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