Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Historic Brass Ensemble Listening Session

The English Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble
Today we heard recordings of various brass ensemble music from the Renaissance through the 19th Century. Here is the list:
  1. La Feliciano a 4 by Adriano Banchieri - English Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble
  2. La Bignani by Giovanni Cavaccio - English Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble
  3. Canzona I by Paul Peuerl - Atlantic Brass Quintet
  4. Canzona - Samuel Scheidt - Four of Kind
  5. Canzona Duodecimi Toni by Giovanni Gabrieli - Combined brass sections of Philadelphia/Cleveland/Chicago
  6. The New Year's Gift by Anthony Holborne - Atlantic Brass Quintet
  7. Les Plaisirs de le Chasse (traditional hunting horn call) - Le Rallye-Cor de Montmélian
  8. Brass Quintet by Alexander Aliabev - Montanus Brass Quintet
  9. Ellen Bayne Quickstep by G. W. E. Friedrich - American Brass Band Journal, Empire Brass and Friends
  10. Fanfare from La Peri by Paul Dukas - Grand Ensemble de Cuivre et Percussion de Hauts de France

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day One - Spring 2014

Welcome to Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature. Instead of using ICON, please refer to this website for information regarding the class. Each of you will be maintaining a course-related blog and links to those blogs will be located in the right sidebar.

Below are direct links to Google Documents for this course:
Please print them out, refer to them, and keep them in your course notebook binder.