Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elliott Carter Brass Quintet

Elliott Carter (1908-2012)
Today, Minho began his listening presentation with Elliot Carter's Brass Quintet (1974). Eliot Carter was a very important figure in modern music in the 20th century, who studied with Nadia Boulanger and was influenced by Ives, Stravinsky and Varese and won the Pulitzer prize in music in 1960 and 1973. To assist you in catching up with your blog posts, please respond to the following questions in your blog:

1. What is the affect of this music? (How does it make you feel?)
2. How did the Carter create that affect?
3. What measure do you think would be the most difficult to perform and why?
4. Should this piece be studied in future ABEL classes as a landmark work? why/why not?
5. Compare and contrast this to Davison's Brass Quintet, also written in 1974. Davison studied with Walter Piston, Howard Hanson and Alan Hovaness. Who where Carter's influences and how do you think that lead to his own style?

To learn more about Carter, visit his Boosey and Hawkes page to view an excellent video on his early years here. Here are links with more information about the composer John Davison and the Chestnut Brass Quintet.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Victor Ewald's Complete Quintets

Two of my colleagues in the Atlantic Brass Quintet recently recorded the complete Ewald Brass Quintets with Mark Gould, Dave Taylor, and Chris Komer. Here's a peek...