Friday, April 28, 2006

While I was away in Utah...

"Independent" Listening Session - 4/19/06

1."Right There", Steve Turve -Track 8
2."Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare" Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Richard Strauss LP
3. "Mockingbird Side Step", The Yankee Brass Band, 'American Brass Quintet Brass Band' album
4. "Tagbavo" Gangbe Brass Band, 'Togbe' album
5. "The Battle of Stalingrad" Op. 74 Aram Khachaturian Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra, 'Russian Wind Band Classics'
6. "Mini Overture" Witold Lutoslawski. 'Brass Ring'
7. "Brass Quintet" Daniel Pinkham, Huntington Brass
8. Rhythm and Brass album
#15 "Unsquare Dance
#18 "Jazz
#19 "Rockit!"
#20 "Summertime"
9. Bach Chorale, Pittsburgh Symphony Brass

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