Saturday, March 22, 2008

Empire Brass

The Empire Brass Quintet has had a profound influence on my career, as well as hundreds of their students. In class, some of you have inquired about what they have been up to lately. Here is an excellent review of a recent performance they gave in North Carolina.

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Brass, Money...and other delights said...

I caught this lineup in February 2006, and it was a really impressive group. What was most impressive, I think, was the tastefulness of the playing. The tuba playing was very controlled, the horn playing very lyrical, the trombone playing just right. And it was an all-Bach concert, so the trumpet playing was just out of this world. All are also strong educators and bring COMPLETELY different personalities to bear--they gave an outstanding masterclass, teaching us, challenging us yelling at us, inspiring us: everything lazy young players like myself need.