Monday, February 08, 2010

A Survey of Selected Professional Brass Ensembles

Spanish Brass
American Horn Quartet
Est. 1982; 8 CDs; First Prize Philip Jones 1989; NOTAMUS, Brussels 1991,Tokyo 1992; 1994 NEA Chamber music grant;Rep: Schumann and Hindemith to Bernstein and Ewazen.

Sotto Voce (tuba euphonium quartet) 
Est. 1996; semi-finalists at Fischoff and CAG; 1998 ITEC and Colonial Tuba Quartet competitions; 2 CDs; Rep: Bach and Haydn to Stevens and Forbes.

Est. 1960, Juilliard & Aspen, Stanton Mgmt., + 45CDs? “Serious brass chamber music”, “High Priests of Brass”, +100 commissions; Rep: Monteverdi & Bach to Etler and Ewazen

Est. 1970, over 70 CDs, 12 videos, +100 commissions, ICM Mgmt., Rep: Bach and Mozart to Jelly Roll Morton and Sousa

Brass Quintet plus percussion, Est. 1983, 5 CDs, Rhythm and Brass spinoff

Meridian Arts Ensemble
Brass quintet with drummer; 1990 Concert Artist Guild, (ASCAP/CMA); Adventurous Programming awards; 8 CDs; Rep: Gesualdo and Bach to Babbitt and Zappa.

Brass Quintet; Est. 1977, Grammy Award, +12 CDs, specializes in brass music on original instruments, SMG Artists.

Est.1971, CAMI, Naumberg Award 197?, 18 CDs, Boston University, Tanglewood, Telarc

Est. 1989, Staumvi Trumpets, Romera Brass mouthpiece collection, 9 CDs & 1 DVD, Won Narbonne prize 1996, Academia Spanish Brass

Mnozil Brass (Brass Septet) 
Est. 1990, Austrian, 5 CDs, 100 concerts annually, very unique singing, choreographed entertainment-oriented band.

Other Notable Small Ensembles:

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