Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Metalofonico - a group founded by Jon Nelson and comprised of members of the Meridian Arts Ensemble, the Atlantic Brass Quintet, and the LA Philharmonic - recorded the CD we heard in class Monday. The piece featured was "Insomnio", by Jon Nelson. I am proud of this recording, not only due to the quality of the sound, but the variety and quality of the repertoire. If you are looking for a brass ensemble for the 21st century, check out Metalofonico.

Here is a note from 8Bells Records:
This collection of Brass Music represents the panacea of compositional innovation in Western Music. With the exception of Charles Ives, all of these composers are contemporaries. With the advent of new technologies and discovery of the past 100 years came many different modes of thought and theories of Art. In tracing the brass tradition from its folk roots to the highest artistic form of expression, an ensemble has formed out of the music contained in this cd. Influences and abilities abound in this group, comprised of musicians who are adept in virtually any style imaginable. To be blunt, these guys can play anything.
In the interest of full disclosure, here is a link to a not-so-good review.

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