Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Blogging Tips

Ten Blogging Tips:

1. I like to use an add-on called Scribefire for blogging because it splits the screen, allowing you to view a website and write simultaneously. You can also save posts, change settings, write using HTML, insert youtube videos and images easily, and publish right to your blog.

2. Sign up for a Google News Alert on some aspect of your blog subject and you will receive periodic updates on the latest information.

3. Read other blogs related to your subject and comment on that blog as well as on your own.

4. Do a Google Image Search for interesting pictures related to your theme.

5. Do a "Ten Things..." list.

6. Make your opinion known. Write 200 words on what you have learned about your theme.

7. Blog about the group you will feature for your final project.

8. Blog about your listening presentations; include artist, composer, performers, label, where to find the recording etc.

9. Make comments on each others' blogs.

10. Blog about class-related topics, such as the pieces and composers of the Landmark Works lecture discussions, or current trends in brass ensemble literature.

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