Wednesday, March 07, 2012

On Shelby's Presentation

Today in class, Shelby gave us a presentation on a variety of music; from "Second Line" Jazz and Mnozil Brass to the German Brass and the New Trombone Collective.

In the portion about the tradition of New Orleans Brass Bands and funerals, we learned a lot, but it also raised some questions. Is there a standard, traditional set of rules to an authentic second-line funeral? What are the roles of the key players and do they have titles? What is the significance and history behind the decorative umbrellas carried by processors?

Our study of the New Orleans Brass Band tradition also reminds us of the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the people, culture and economy of this great and historic city.

Here is a link to a video of a lecture titled Rebuilding the "Land of Dreams": Expressive Culture and New Orleans' Authentic Future given by Nick Spitzer, University of New Orleans, specifically Part 7, the "Second-Line".

From New Orleans Online, here is a link about the Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs that sponsor the parades and a link about "Jazz Funerals". Also read Block Parties In Motion: The New Orleans Second Line Parade from

The effects that Hurricane Katrina had on music and the arts is a major topic of study and much discussion. Not only does it include issues of survival and revival, but of the challenges of bureaucracy, government, racial equality, disaster preparedness, and communication. Here is a link to After the deluge: 29 remarkable works inspired by Hurricane Katrina to give you an idea of the broad scope and influence of Katrina and how the sorrow, anger, and grief manifest themselves through the arts.

Listed below are more links related to the topic:
New Orleans Habitat Musicians' Village website
Sweet Sounds of Home from the Village Voice
Treme Brass Band: Living and Breathing New Orleans from NPR (be sure to listen to the radio show)

Brass Bands of New Orleans from KnowLA

Selected Books and Article on Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs and Second Lines from Tulane University

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