Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An Exemplary Listening Session

Chestnut Brass Company
Today's listening session by Melissa was excellent. She presented numerous tracks from over fifteen recordings. Because her format, content and planning was done so well, I have suggested that successive listening sessions be modeled in this fashion.

Utilizing Interlibrary loan (ILL) is an excellent method of locating hard to find recordings. We listened to a wide variety of music, from Chestnut Brass Company to Fanfare Ciocarlia, which was so inspiring that we all actually danced in class!

Here a few helpful links related to today's class:

Pro Musica Brass Trio - The recording of the Poulenc Trio
Chestnut Brass Company
Gerard Schwarz
Thomas Stevens
Crystal Records (Toby Hanks and many others)
Empire Brass
Lucia Dlugoszewski
Center City Brass Quintet
Kitty Brazleton - We heard her Chamber Music for the Inner Ear recording.
Daniel Asia
Summit Records
Lagos Mozart Orchestra (formerly Calabar Brass Band) Echoes of Africa
Rough Guide Music
(they also write excellent travel guides at Rough Guide Travel)
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

Here is another recording of Cortege by Gaston Litaize.

If you enjoyed the DVD, here is where to order it from

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