Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging Resources

Next week, you will each need to launch your blog project. I have some resources listed below which you will find very helpful. I recommend Blogger or Wordpress:

Getting Started:
Free Blogging Host Sites:
Some classical music blogs:
General Guidelines:
  • Pick a theme or subject. (such as Civil War Brass Bands, or South American Brass Quintets, etc.)
  • Set up your blog and email the name and location of your blog so I can link to it here.
  • Post twice weekly. I would recommend using your blogs publication schedule reminder if they have one.
  • Think of your blog as a combination online guide to your subject and personal journal for this course.
  • In addition to commentary, create hyperlinks, post pictures, and explore your subject.
  • Be sure to check out the blogs of the other students and make occassional comments.
  • Let me know if you encounter any problems. Be sure to use a free blogging host, and experiment with a few posts to see if you can easily navigate their interface.

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