Monday, January 30, 2012

American Brass Quintet
The three posts below are updated posts from previous years regarding our lecture today, A Survey of Selected Professional Brass Ensembles.

The criteria I suggested, for your final project and for future professional reference, were:

  1. Longevity - How long has the ensemble existed?
  2. Consistency - What personnel changes have they undergone?
  3. Programming - What is a typical program for this ensemble?
  4. Focus & Mission - What are the ensembles goals and purpose?
  5. Performances - How many and what types of performances?
  6. Recording - How many? Label? Repertoire?
  7. Publicity - Press Kit, Website, and Reveiws
  8. Innovation and Originality - What have they done for the genre?
  9. Affialiations - Managment, Institutions, Events
  10. Awards and Accomplishments - Competitions, major honors, firsts?
  11. Commercial Success - Fee? Fame? Income? Contributions?

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