Monday, April 08, 2013

Blog Post Brainstorming

There are only two more weeks remaining for your blog assignment. Here are some ideas we discussed in class for blog posts:
  1. Blog about a work for brass ensemble that you like that we did not listen to or discuss in class. If you would nominate it for a "landmark work" explain why.
  2. Find a mediocre performance of a brass ensemble work on YouTube and then write a "virtual coaching" post. Be sure to provide positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.
  3. Compare a  brass ensemble arrangement to the original work. Compare two recordings of the same arrangement.
  4. Discuss your experiences organizing a brass ensemble tour and share what you learned on the tour.
  5. Compare and contrast two pieces from the same time period, country, or composer.
  6. Write a review of a book or journal article related to brass ensemble literature, performing, or a related musical issue.
  7. Share what you know about composers who have written for brass ensemble for a particular region of the world.
  8. Get inspired by read each other's blog posts and create a post of your own on a similar topic.
  9. Give us a preview of your upcoming listening presentation.
  10. Read some of the older posts on ABEL Central and write a post inspired by a class form a previous year.

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