Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brass Ensemble Music from Popular Music of North America

Today's class, "Brass Ensemble Music from Popular Music of North America" featured a variety of groups that incorporated or featured a brass ensemble within the more popular genres of Rock, Jazz/Fusion, Funk, and Soul.

These groups have made a significant impact and many of them have sold millions of albums and/or were awarded Grammys. We didn't get to a few, including the Washington Symphonic Brass Classic Rock CDHere are the related Links:

Herb Alpert Presents

Taste of Honey Video

CBS Sunday Morning Feature about Herb Alpert

Washington Symphonic Brass "Classic Rock for Brass"

Beginnings Video

Blood Sweat and Tears
Lucretia Video

Open Up Wide Video

David Byrne and St. Vincent
NPR Video

Here is the YouTube Playlist I created called "Brass Ensembles in Popular Music":

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